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feir is back

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Artists F to A

. Relax . . Final countdown . . Breath of life . . Little respect . . Hero . . Escape . . Be with you . . Sadeness . . Xanadu . . Boys of summer . . Summer of 69 . . Dont fear the reaper . . Rasputin . . Sunny . . Three little birds . . One love . . Could you be loved . . Fight for your right . . Girls . . Take on me . . Roses are red . . My oh my . . Dr Jones . . Candyman .

[( )]

Short mp3 ideal for ringtones

Lovely Celldweller song- Stay with me (Unlikely) from the album Celldweller, probably the best album in the world, you can find it on ebay if you dont live in america
Unlikely (Stay wth me)alo Celldweller
Electronic pleasure-ntrance, love this tune!!!
Ready steady go
KLF what time is love
Gummibar, funny
Metallica/Britney remix.funny
Usher/Britney remix
anyone actually remember the dickies?

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Their are some really funny things on here, eg the David Blayne spoof and a funny Japanese Dog/hamster thing are on here

Celldweller Listen to more celldweller here!
check out the magician parodies, excuse me princess, prairie dog, mortal kombat,illusions, got anything to recommend to me? Either leave message via youtube to feircefeir, or leave a message in my Guestbook
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